Maywald Memories
Port Pirie | South Australia

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Port Pirie was where I was born, and originally this site was for the Family Tree that my brother Rodney and myself put together, by collating a few already published books re the Maywald Family and adding updates that we have collected from throughout Australia and overseas.

After putting this site together and having a lot of Postcards of Port Pirie (Home Town), I thought I would upload all that I had collected over the years.

Since then, my wife, Helen and myself have traveled over a fair bit of Australia, so I have included a few postcard images of some of the Areas we have been to.

Now with internet and a lot of different pictures that come through to my desktop, I try to think what would be interesting for people who do not see the Wonders of the World, so the site has expanded to more different images.

If anyone out there in the Wide World, have anything that they think would be of interest, please send to me and I will endeavor to put on the World Wide Web through this site

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